I was humbled and honored to be a guest on Lisa Hope Tilstra’s Make Life Less Difficult podcast. Listen in as I share my story of coming out, embracing my authenticity and my courage as I share myself with the world.

Talking about these very personal topics is not something I do often because allowing others to see my vulnerabilities is scary. So many questions come up for me! Will they still care about me? Will I be a disappointment? Will I be safe?

Connecting with others is about seeing the other person. Thank you, Lisa Hope Tilstra for seeing me and making our discussion comfortable and easy. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story.

From Lisa Hope Tilstra:

Shannon Cochran-Yzquierdo, ACC, PMP (she/her/hers) joins me on the Make Life Less Difficult Podcast to explore how we can make life less difficult for each other. Shannon graciously shares her story of coming out to her family, of stepping into a place of embracing her whole self, and courageously sharing her whole self in the world both personally and professionally. She’s the founder of Coaching Courage, a company focused on empowering leaders to embrace their courage as they transform into their best selves. Thank you for making the world a better place, Shannon!

I hope you will listen to the podcast. Please share with others you feel would be inspired. My goal in this world is to make a difference. If sharing my story helps one person, then I have fulfilled my purpose in this life.