“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

– Anais Nin

Leadership Coaching

As a Leadership Coach, Shannon provides support, guidance, and inspiration as she co-creates a safe space for mid-to-senior level leaders to grow and develop their leadership skills through situational role-playing, self-reflection, visualization, mindfulness, reframing, and more.

Mentor Coaching

As a Mentor Coach, Shannon mentors new leadership coaches on their transformational journey in the Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching program. She supports the new coaches as they navigate and process the intense rigor of the new content and skills they are learning.

The Coaching Courage Process

Step 1:  The client sets up a FREE discovery call, via the link below, when a client inquiry is received. During this call, the client’s needs,  questions about the coaching process, and pricing are discussed.

Step 2:  A Coaching Agreement is signed by the client and Shannon if they decide to move forward. The Coaching Engagement begins after the agreement is signed and a start date is established.

Step 3:  Each meeting between Shannon and client offers exploration and progression toward reaching the client’s high-level goals, which are captured in the Coaching Agreement.  Shannon and the client work in partnership to co-create a safe space to explore topics the client brings to each meeting.