Bill Sanderson

Leadership Coach

Bill is a seasoned professional at a Fortune 500 technology company. He provides leadership coaching and continues to lead and manage a remote team of engineers specialized in solving technical customer issues in the technology field. Bill strives to build strong customer and cross-team relationships. His love of building cross-team relationships fuels his desire to coach teams and groups, as well as individuals.

Whether coaching individual leaders or leadership teams, Bill strives to facilitate a leaders’ personal and professional growth. He does this through opening a leader’s mindset to new ways of thinking and expanding their current way of thinking. Change comes in many forms, to include a leader’s way of thinking, acting, seeing, understanding, and reacting to the world in which they operate. Change is filled with new opportunities for learning and growth.

Bill encourages leaders that feel stagnant or stuck in the status quo to reach for their full leadership potential. He provides leadership coaching as a partnership opportunity to work with leaders and their teams as they navigate obstacles. Once coach and client identify obstacles, they work in partnership to create new practices to encourage progress toward their desired goals. The partnership will motivate and inspire the leader to work toward obtaining the skills necessary to become a more empowered and impactful leader. Bill recognizes these new skills require a great deal of courage to tackle, as the process of change can be unnerving when venturing into the unknown and stepping outside their comfort zone.

Working with leaders through this process builds rapport and trust in the coaching relationship, which creates an opportunity for a powerful coaching experience. Bill is committed to help leaders find their motivation for change and transformation!

Bill’s education includes a B.S in Computer Engineering from University of Florida and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Oregon Health and Science University. In 2020, Bill earned an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.

Bill’s Specialties: Leadership Coaching, and Team Coaching

This opportunity truly changed my life.  I am not only more mentally tough and resilient but much less stressed, worried and afraid than I have ever been both professionally, and personally.  I am much more effective at work and much more available for my family at home.  I am very grateful that I had a chance to work with Bill. 

Matt Smith

The coaching sessions (with Bill) allowed me to discuss my areas of improvement outside the context of a performance review and free of judgment, promoting openness and honesty, and leading to more insights into how I can continue to grow.


Bill has been a great coach and has pushed me to really think about my goals of becoming a C suite employee and has given me guidance and tools so that I can make the step up in my professional career.

Ryan Brown