The following article provides a glimpse into the Pieces and Parts of my Personal Journey to Becoming a Leadership Coach…

Through a devastating injury that occurred during a rigorous training exercise, I was forced learn how to navigate career goals and personal expectations or give up! I felt like a failure! I went to a dark place for a couple of years working to rediscover my new identity and figure out what was next. This injury taught me about my strengths and also about my own self-doubt, triggers, and feelings of not being good enough. The story I was telling myself was not one of inspiration, it was one of failure.

Fast forward ten years… I met an incredible leader that inspired and taught me to work on myself. She polished my rough edges and encouraged me to spread my wings and soar. She taught me how to lean into my strengths through her example and thoughtful questions during our visits.

We discussed my goals and my desire to become a Leadership Coach. She immediately encouraged me to apply to the Georgetown University (GU) program. I dragged my feet for three years making every excuse not to apply: It is expensive. How can I miss that much work? I’m not sure they want a lesbian at a Jesuit University. What if I’m not good enough? Finally, after nudging from my wife and the realization my current role was not satisfying, I applied. What’s the worst they could say? No! But, they didn’t! This decision and act of courage changed my life!

Through curas personalis, a Latin term meaning, “care of the whole person”,  the GU program allowed me to practice with tools that encouraged me to embraced my imperfectly perfect self. I learned to be self-reflective and self-aware. I began to notice my own behaviors and the impact on myself and others. My strengths and areas for improvement came into focus. Through exploration, I recognized my unconscious biases and triggers. And, finally, I reframed my story of failure into one of courageous survival.

My declaration was formed: I am passionate about inspiring and motivating leaders to embrace their courage as they transform into their best selves. Leadership coaching is a dynamic role that blends every experience in my personal and professional life solidifying a foundation in which I pull from as I coach leaders and influencers at all levels of leadership.

To learn more, click on this link to read more of my blogs.. I write to connect with others so you will find a piece of myself, my heart, in each article.

I wish you courage, peace, and joy as you tackle your day.